1. The ultimate goal was to establish a new nightclub on the premises of an existing club and create its new identity to distinguish it from the existing clubs.
2. To create a striking and distinguishing name and identity to the nightclub and communicate it to target audience.
3. To create the visual identity.
4. To launch the brand.


1. We named the nightclub “AHI” in Estonian, meaning “oven” in English, that allows to launch an eyecatching marketing campaign with lots of connotations (e.g. “hot in the Oven”). It received positive feedback from target group and distinguished the nightclub from the old club operating on the premises.
2. We created visual identity.
3. We launched the brand with the major opening of the night club.
4. We created a winter marketing campaign to introduce the new night club to wider audiences.


1. The new name “AHI” and the new identity received positive feedback from the target group and efficienty distinguished the club from the others operating in Tartu.
2. Nightclub “AHI” was one of the most popular clubs in Tartu after the marketing campaign and on its first years of operation while we managed the marketing.