1. A-Ekspert, the company for technical inspection of vehicles since 1993, was in urgent need for modern image.
2. The client did not have any contemporary marketing nor communication plan, also no webpage or online media communication.
3. The company had no contact with younger target groups.


1. We created a new and modern visual identity.
2. We created new webpage.
3. We made the company visible in social and online media.
4. We launched Google AdWords campaign to increase promotion online.
5. We made a commercial for online media to target young audience by involving rock band Ziggy Wild (the winner of Youth Band 2013).
6. We launched a marketing campaign targeting mainly young audience – short movie, banners, social media and ads.


1. New logo, webpage, commercials and banners were created. These had positive feedback in social media and made A-Ekspert visible on the market.
2. A-Ekspert is on number one position in online search engines (compared to competitors).
3. Commercial is popular and receives lots of views in Youtube.
4. We have communicated the message to the public and younger audience as a new target group has been involved and informed.